Our dedicated and experienced team of staff, supervisors, and drivers does what it takes to get the job done. Gresham's employs dozens of seasonal drivers, some of which have plowed exclusively with us for over three decades. Our supervisors have worked with us for an average of 25 years. We know snow removal!  Meet our team:
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Jim is the CEO and Founder of Gresham's Seasonal Services, Inc., which serves Macomb County's Commercial snow removal needs. After what started as a part time job, developed into one of the most prestigious services company’s in Macomb County and the surrounding area’s. Jim’s passions are his business, family, movie posters and serving God. His worker's consider him, "The most realiable, honest and best boss any worker could ask for. He has a heart of gold".  Jim is a published author, having written three books! Check out the latest book: What Music They Make.
Jim is also on the boards of Metropolitan Detroit Youth For Christ, Woodside Bible Church and Samaritan House. 
Joelle is the President and oldest daughter of Jim Gresham, part owner and a key part of the future of Gresham’s Seasonal Services, Inc. Joelle started snowplowing parking lots with her father before she actually had a driver’s license, she shoveled sidewalks even prior to that! After graduating from Liberty University, Joelle then committed herself wholeheartedly to helping her father run the business and maintain customer satisfaction. She has dedicated herself for over 25 years in the snow business proving her excellent work ethic and hard drive to continue the family legacy with a passion to serve God. She loves utilizing her graphic design skills for creating rare and one of the kind artwork: Joelle Joy | Fine Art Photography
Janie is the youngest daughter of Jim Gresham. As Vice President, it has been clearly shown how "snow" is in her blood. Janie is part owner of Gresham's Seasonal Services and also has a Masters in Counseling. She works hard in both jobs and even uses her therapeutic skills to contribute to our business. Janie is naturally knowledgeable in problem solving and customer service. She has incredible instinct in weather and has become a vital asset in our business. We are very blessed to have Janie in our business. She quotes, "There's no business like snow business and I am very thankful to be a part of our family business", and that couldn't be more appropriate for our field of work. She pushes to work hard in everything she does. 
Danny is the newest member to the Gresham Family and Team; he is Jim’s Son-in-Law and Husband to Janie Gresham. He already loves and embraces the family business, our Christian values and brings over 2 decades of exceptional customer service to our community. As Director of Customer Care, he is one of our main point of contact with our valued customers and helps discuss what to expect with working with Gresham’s, our unprecedented level of service, challenges our customers have with their business and welcomes face to face meetings on your business site to discuss your needs and our solutions. He is a future staple to our family business success and is excited for serving our community. He also has quickly learned that just like no two snowflakes are alike, the same is true for our Michigan Winter Storms; and is always thinking of strategies for the challenges we face and finding prompt results for our valued customers.
Ken started with Gresham’s in the mid-1990’s. Ken serves our company as the head mechanic, is ASE Certified, and has the ability to fix just about anything on a truck. Ken's expert repairs and timely maintence keep Gresham's fleet of trucks and equipment running strong. When it snows there is a short time frame to get the lots cared for properly. Jim says that, “Ken has a Master’s Degree in quick and short term fixes, which allow trucks to get right back on the job. Ken works well under pressure and takes pride in his work.” Ken has become an integral part of our business and family. Ken loves old cars, fishing, and is motivated by the love of his children and God. 
Jon started with Gresham’s Seasonal Services, Inc. in 2003. He started out shoveling sidewalks and has moved up the ladder to being Ken’s assistant in the shop and is now the Shop Manager. Every team needs a great utitlity player to close the gaps in the field. For us, that player is Jon, he is our "go to" guy. Jon has amazing organizational skills which allow him to oversee all the shop details, and also manages the Landscaping crews. He loves his children and loves to repair computers in his spare time and loves spending his time on the pure lakes of michigan. 
Victor had been part of Gresham's​ team since 2000. Victor is one of our key and important salt truck drivers. Without hesitation, he is willing to jump when our customers have a need. He has passion and drive that help make Gresham's a quick and responsive company. Victor states,​"We operate as a family with one thing in mind,​ to provide our customers with fast service 24/7. I enjoy being outdoors salting and plowing for Jim. He is a great boss to work for and lets you know that your part of a family." Victor works hard in the winter for us and summer, for his company, Avolio Construction Corp. Victor's hobbies ​include spending time with his​ family, watching his​ kids play soccer, and loves the time he spends hunting and fishing with his​ kids. 
Mike has been with Gresham’s since 2006 and is involved many facets of our family company. He is very detailed in his responsibilities, which include being a plow foreman and salt truck driver. Mike also has valuable skills for body shop repairs in our well stocked and impressive fleet and is in charge of the maintenance and distribution of all our sidewalk equipment. He has been a part of our family for 30 years and is one of 3 generations that have worked with Greshams, including his father along with his 3 sons! Mike also loves God, his family and enjoys cruising his Camaro in car shows.
Cindy is our Sidewalk Foreman and she does it so naturally. Cindy is also part of the family and has had a few quality seasons as the walk foreman with us. Cindy is a wonderful asset to our business. She is very knowledgable and great with our sidewalk guys. It comes very organically to her to make the best decisions for our business. With Cindy's keen attention to details, our sidewalk crews have been doing a fantastic and quality job. We are thankful and proud to have Cindy as family and part of our family work team. 
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